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How To - Maintain your bag

Polishing time: 10 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

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Now and then, leather bags are in need of some true tender, love and care, as well as your shoes do ofcourse. Saphir Lotion is made for the job. After regular use of your bag it can start to dry out and look pale. The colour of the (for example) brown leather becomes a lighter teinte and the normally smooth and soft leather can become a little more rough than it used to be. Ofcourse, we want to prevent this from happening, not only because it looks a lot better, but also because you will be able to enjoy your bag much longer. Dried out leather can start to scratch and tear and holes will start to appear. With Saphir Lotion this will not be possible, the lotion is based on natural and animal oils that nourish the leather en after brushing out, give a nice shine to your bag. Proceed as follows:

Take your Saphir Lotion and an Applicator Cloth and first and foremost, try on a discrete place on your bag, to make sure the lotion will have the expected effect. When your satisfied, apply a thin layer of lotion to the surface of your bag and let dry. Brush out with a horsehair brush, the leather will start to shine nicely and is yet again nourished and warm of colour!

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