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1. Cleaning

Cleaning off dirt and making soles bright again

To clean sneakers made from suède, smooth leather, canvas or synthetic material we advise using Saphir Omninettoyant for a subtle but effective cleaning session. This gentle shampoo is suitable for most types of leather and sneakers. For patent sneakers use Saphir Vernis Rife to clean and recolour. Be careful with sneakers that have their colour sprayed on. Washing these sneakers with water and Omninettoyant can cause the colour to bleed off. Smooth leather shoes require cleaning with Avel leather soap. This soap cleans off dirt, but also cleans off the top layer of shoe polish which most of the times got dull because of moist and dust. In the next step we discuss how to get the shine back onto your sneakers.

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2. Nourishing

Give your sneakers a second life

Smooth leather and suède sneakers tend to dry out after a period of time. This is why you need to nourish the leather back to life to make them shine again and make the leather look healthy. For suède we have a great natural protector spray from Dasco to protect and nourish the suède. Afterwar spraying your sneakers set the shoes aside for five minutes. Then gently brush the suède back into shape with a suède brush. This way you get the natural look your sneakers once had when you got them out of the box. By combing the hair into one direction you also get a even look. For smooth leather we have Saphir Medaille d'Or Renovateur which contains everything your leather sneakers could ever want in terms of nourishment. Gently brush your sneakers with a horsehair polishing brush to remove any exessive cream and give the shoes a matte shine.

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3. Protecting

Making your sneakers shine & protecting them against the elements

To make your sneakers shine again you need Pommadier shoe cream and, if desired, high gloss shoe wax Pate de Luxe. To get your shoes to actually shine you need to use the proper techniques and products. Apply your polish of choice using an applicator cloth or brush. Wait 5 minutes and then shine your shoes using a brush or cotton cloth. Most important is not to rush the process and put some elbow grease into it! Be sure to be careful around white soles when using coloured shoe cream. Be sure to use a good pair of shoe trees when storing your sneakers. This way your sneakers keep their original shape and stay and stay crease free the longest. Plus it just looks amazing to store your sneakers in style.  A shoe bag protects your shoes when storing them in a packed shoe closet.

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Get inspired by our shoe shine videos!

To truly master the art which is called shoe shining or cireur de bottes you need time and experience. There isn't a day that goes by without us still learning about taking care of leather and shoes. We want to help our customers on their way to familiarize themselves with shoe care techniques to let them take proper care of their shoes. This way your trusty footwear will last forever. Click here for all our shoe care videos.


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