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Shoe Trees

Here you will find our wide range of shoe trees consisting of luxurious cedar shoe trees, simple trees, boot shapers and shoe stretchers.

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Shoe trees
At our shop, we have a large variety of shoe trees for different purposes and uses. Of course, we have our cedarwood shoe trees, one of the woods with the best characteristics to keep your shoes fresh and in good shape. But next to our cedarwood shoe trees, we also offer beechwood shoe trees perfect for travelling, sneaker shoe trees to treat your sneakers with and shoe trees by brands like Saphir and La Cordonnerie Anglaise.  Last but not least we also have our own luxurious lightweight travel shoe trees. The shoe trees we offer come in different kinds of wood, like cedarwood, beechwood, lotus wood and pinewood.

Primarily, shoe trees keep your shoe in the right shape, so when you put off your shoes, they will straighten the upper and sole of the shoe so it will return to its original positioning. Secondarily, shoe trees absorb moisture and minerals that are soaked up by the leather whilst wearing your shoes. This great characteristic makes sure the natural leather will stay in shape and high quality. Next to extracting moist it also takes away the odour that comes with the moist. The scent of cedar wood is really fresh and brisk and will have a great effect on your shoes. When shoe trees are waxed, they will not have the moist-extracting and leather supporting features, they will only straighten the shoe you are using them for. Lotus and beechwood do also extract moist when unwaxed.

Shoe trees for women
Our shoe trees for women come in two versions. On the one hand, we have the much lighter travel trees that are easier to take with you, on the other hand we have the luxurious cedar wood shoe trees for women, to keep your leather or suede shoes in perfect shape and to absorb moisture and minerals and give a fresh scent of cedar wood to the shoe. Our boot shapers come in a plastic and cedarwood version. The golden plastic version only takes care of the boots remaining in its original shape and fit but do not treat the leather. The cedar wood boot shapers, in fact, does also treat the leather and absorbs moisture and minerals so the leather can easily recover from use. For the most complete treatment of your shoes, use a combination of cedar wood shoe trees and cedarwood boot shapers.