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How To - Stretch your shoes

Polishing time: NA
Difficulty: Easy

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Are your shoes too small or do your shoes have certain painful spots? A shoe stretcher can probably help you out!

Stretching your shoes should be done as follows:

1. Spray Saphir Shoe-Eze on the painful areas of your shoes. Spray on the outside of the shoe.
2. Place the Shoe Stretcher with attachments of choice into your shoes
3. Keep your shoes in room temperature. How much time it takes to successfully stretch your shoes depends on the leather type and shoe model. It's advisable to check your shoes often to see the progress it has made.

Tips & Tricks
After treating your shoes, let the shoe rest for about 8 hours for the maximum output. We also advise you not to stretch the shoe a lot for the first time. Rather do it in little steps before doing it too much, making your shoe fit even worse than before. The spray is also good to use as an individual product, for example for walking in your shoes.

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